Taizhou Jinhaoli Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

J6113-1069 Stainless Steel Floor Drain Custom

  • J6113-1069
  • J6113-1069
  • J6113-1069


Stainless Steel Floor Drain

The main material:
Brass precision forging
Inner core material:
ABS engineering plastics
Scope of application:
Magnetic levitation brass inner core,
high efficiency sealing, anti-odor and anti-reflow
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    J6113-1069 100x100 140 73 39 45 4 G/Q/N/H

Taizhou Jinhaoli Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

"Taizhou Jinhaoli Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd."was founded in 2009 and is located in Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, on the coast of the East China Sea. It is a professional custom J6113-1069 Stainless Steel Floor Drain suppliers and OEM/ODM J6113-1069 Stainless Steel Floor Drain company. The company covers an area of 6000 square meters and has more than 100 employees. The company has a professional design, manufacturing and management team that can customize products according to customer needs and is a professional OEM/ODM supplier.We have our own product processing factory and our own international trade department. We produce and sell our own products with high quality and low price. The company's products mainly include floor drains, basin drains, bathtub drains, gas barrier drains and other sanitary hardware accessories. The products are mainly medium and high-grade, using high-quality materials, meticulous polishing, advanced electroplating technology and equipment, and strictly in accordance with international quality standards. The company is market-oriented, technology-based, integrity-based development, complete varieties, novel styles, timely delivery, and perfect after-sales service. It has won the recognition of new and old customers at home and abroad and has become the good choice for domestic large-scale construction sanitary ware products.

  • Corporate Purposes:

    Professionally committed to the field of household drainage and health.

  • Our Mission:

    For customers: to provide customers with more professional bathroom hardware products.
    For employees: To provide employees with a platform for happily learning and growing, pursuing career development, and creating a happy life.
    To the society: provide a better entrepreneurial platform and take on more social responsibilities!

  • Corporate Vision:

    Use technological innovation to satisfy people's yearning for a better life!.

  • Corporate Values:

    The development and future success of Jinhaoli are inseparable from the corporate values that we follow together-"Be willing to struggle, take responsibility, share win-win results, sincere cooperation, continuous innovation, and customer achievement".

  • Business Philosophy:

    Grow together with partners and share results.


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Surface Treatment Of Brass Precision Forging Stainless Steel Floor Drain
Surface treatment of brass precision forging Stainless Steel Floor Drain can involve several methods. Here are some options:
1. Electroplating: This is a common method used to enhance the appearance and durability of metal parts. Brass precision forging Stainless Steel Floor Drain can be electroplated with different materials such as chrome, nickel, or gold, depending on the desired finish.
2. Passivation: This process involves treating the surface of stainless steel with an acid solution to remove contaminants and promote the formation of a protective oxide layer. Passivation can help prevent corrosion and enhance the lifespan of the floor drain.
3. Powder coating: Powder coating is a durable and attractive surface treatment that involves applying a dry powder to the surface of the floor drain, which is then heated to create a tough, protective finish. Powder coating can be done in a variety of colors and textures.
4. Polishing: Polishing can be done to give the surface of the floor drain a smooth and shiny finish. This can be achieved through mechanical polishing or chemical polishing.
5. Anodizing: Anodizing is a surface treatment used on aluminum or other metals to create a protective layer that is resistant to corrosion and wear. Anodizing can be done in a range of colors and finishes.
The choice of surface treatment will depend on the desired appearance and properties of the finished floor drain, as well as the environmental conditions it will be exposed to. It is important to select a surface treatment that will provide long-lasting protection and enhance the performance of the floor drain.

Magnetic Levitation Brass Inner Core Stainless Steel Floor Drain
Magnetic levitation technology can be used in various applications, including in floor drains. Magnetic levitation floor drains use the principle of repulsion and attraction of magnetic fields to lift the brass inner core above the Stainless Steel base, allowing water to flow through. Here are some key features and benefits of magnetic levitation brass inner core Stainless Steel Floor Drain:
1. Improved hygiene: Magnetic levitation floor drains eliminate the need for a traditional drain trap, which can harbor bacteria and other pathogens. This makes the floor drain easier to clean and more hygienic.
2. Enhanced durability: Magnetic levitation technology uses fewer moving parts, which reduces wear and tear on the floor drain. This can increase the lifespan of the floor drain and reduce maintenance costs.
3. Faster drainage: Magnetic levitation floor drains can provide faster and more efficient drainage than traditional floor drains. This can be particularly important in high-traffic areas or where there is a risk of flooding.
4. Aesthetically pleasing: The absence of a traditional drain trap can make magnetic levitation floor drains more visually appealing, as there is no unsightly trap visible.
5. Eco-friendly: Magnetic levitation floor drains do not require electricity to operate, making them an eco-friendly option for drainage systems.