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Washing Machine Floor Drain Buying Skills


The use of washing machines requires attention to waterproof problems, so the place where the home washing machine is placed often has a floor drain. The washing machine floor drain is different from other floor drains. Therefore, you need to pay attention to skills when buying a washing machine floor drain, and you need to consider the brand factor when choosing a washing machine floor drain. Today we are going to talk about the floor drain of the washing machine.

Washing machine floor drain buying skills

1. Choose a dedicated floor drain

The floor drain of the washing machine requires us to choose a special floor drain to install. The special floor drain of the washing machine has a removable circular cover in the center of the ordinary floor drain, and the drain pipe of the washing machine can be inserted directly without affecting the ground. Drainage of standing water.

2. Select the floor to see the material

There are many special floor drain materials on the market, including cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, ceramics, cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper alloy, and other materials. Among them, stainless steel and copper alloy floor drains are affordable, beautiful and durable; brass floor drains have the best performance in all aspects.

3. Select the floor drain to see the launching speed

The space in the floor drain is large, and the floor drain without water flow is fast, so you can choose it as appropriate when purchasing.

4. Selection of washing machine floor drain casing

What you need to know when choosing a floor drain for a washing machine is that the casing has a single pipe and a double pipe, and the washing machine can drain directly to the floor drain. The tee-double pipe is to realize the drainage of 2 washing machines, or the washing machine and the mop pool together, and the single pipe is dedicated to the washing machine.

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