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Types And Specifications Of Domestic Floor Drain


When it comes to home decoration, when talking about wires and pipes, you will think of using the best ones for these difficult-to-replace items, but the same installation and replacement of complex floor drains are often forgotten. After a period of time, the rust of the floor drain appears and the function fails. There will even be a back odor and poor drainage. Therefore, if the floor drain is not selected well, it is undoubtedly adding a block to yourself. It is better to choose a suitable floor drain from the beginning. Then what kind of floor drain is good for home use?

First of all, we need to know that floor drains are not uniform, so different spaces are suitable for different floor drains. Household floor drains generally appear in bathrooms, balconies, and kitchens. Among them, bathrooms where water is used more frequently are more suitable for sealing floor drains with water, which can play a comparative role. Good sealing effect; mechanical floor drains are suitable for places where water is not often used such as balconies and kitchens, which can have a better sealing effect; it is recommended to install a dual-purpose floor drain where the washing machine is placed, which can be used for ordinary drainage and can also be connected to the washing machine. Drain pipe for drainage.

Types and specifications of domestic floor drain

1. Deodorant floor drains are more common in sizes of 3 inches and 4 inches in diameter, and there are other sizes, ranging from small to large, in many sizes. According to the shape of the deodorant floor drain, there are square, round, rectangular, etc. The size of the household square deodorant floor drain ranges from 90mm*90mm to 150mm*150mm.

2. Deep water sealing floor drain, the size of the square panel is 10cm*10cm, the depth is 12cm-14cm (different brands have different depths), and the pipe diameter is 5cm.

3. Magnetic automatic deodorant floor drain, the size of the square panel is 10cm*10cm, the depth: 8cm from the tile to the elbow of the sewer pipe, and the pipe diameter is 5cm.

Fourth, the ultra-thin floor drain, the size of the square panel is 10cm*10cm, the depth: the thickness of the panel is 1.5cm, the length of the floor drain core is 2.5cm, the overall depth of the floor drain is 4cm, and the diameter of the pipe is 4cm.

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