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Tips To Unclog The Balcony Floor Drain


The balcony floor drain design is a drainage facility for better response to indoor emergencies. When she brings us convenience, she will also bring some small troubles. We must always pay attention to the maintenance and replacement of the floor drain. Some balcony floor drains are open-air, so the debris will also increase. The reasons for the blockage of the indoor balcony floor drain and the outdoor balcony floor drain are basically the same, and the outdoor balcony will be exposed to more sundries and the volume will be larger. Some will be blocked due to the shedding of gravel and soil blocks of building materials. The interior is basically blocked by sewage and debris. Let me introduce the method of unblocking the balcony floor drain.

There are some tips to unclog the floor drain of the outdoor open balcony and the blocked floor drain of the indoor balcony. Please choose according to your actual situation. First of all, collect and clean up a large amount of pollutants attached to the floor drain, and then use a large amount of water jet to impact the pipe, which may flush the blockage from the pipe. The water flow must be strong to have a strong impact. In this way, the attachments inside will be washed away under high pressure, which can be described as the fastest way to solve it violently.

In addition, there are special pipe dredging products on the market. Choose different dredging agents according to the blockage on your balcony, and solve the blocked pipes according to the ratio on the manual. This is safer and more convenient. You can also use a leather stick to dredge it. There are general furniture and building materials, which can be prepared and put aside for later use. Aim the leather pin at the mouth of the sewer, press it back and forth a few times vigorously, then turn on the water, rinse with water and pump a few times at the same time, the basically blocked pipe will be opened.

Finally, you can use the sewer dredger. This tool is used for large blockages, and it is made of steel wire with a swinging handle. When in use, shake the steel wire up and down several times vigorously while draining the water. The pollutants inside may be brought out. Thus the pipe is cleared. Another method is to use tools such as towels and leather tubes. Wrap a towel around the front end of the leather tube, then block it until the sewer mouth is sealed tightly, and connect the other end of the leather tube to tap water. Then turn on the tap water to the maximum, and use the water pressure to wash away the pollutants and unblock the sewer.

The above is the introduction and causes of unblocking the balcony floor drain. The method is summarized through the use of some users. If there are other good methods, please share them with everyone! To learn more, please continue to pay attention to our long floor drain manufacturer.