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The Root Of The Aftertaste Of The Floor Drain Is Not The Floor Drain


In fact, the root cause of the back-odor problem of the floor drain is not the floor drain. Where does the stench coming from? sewage pipe.

According to the standard, the sewage pipe (the pipe used by the toilet) and the drainage pipe should be separated, but the actual situation is that a large part of the sewage pipes and drainage pipes of residential buildings finally merge into the main pipe, so that the odor of the sewage pipe It can be emitted from the floor drain through the drain pipe. Most of the housing with aftertaste occurs in this case. Normally, there should be three main pipes on the façade of a building, which are drainage pipes, sewage pipes, and exhaust pipes, but many houses only have two. Therefore, the pipes at the water outlet generally have their own traps, which use the accumulated water to isolate the odor.

Many owners of water traps are afraid of clogging, so they have canceled the use of water traps during decoration. In this case, the floor drain is easy to return to odor. Even with a trap, it's not foolproof. Because once the water in the trap is insufficient, the odor will come out through the aquifer. When will the amount of water be insufficient? When you flush the toilet or use the sink, the air pressure in the drain pipe changes, which sucks a little water out of the trap. If people keep flushing the toilet, but no one takes a shower, the trap under the floor drain will not be replenished with water. When the water is insufficient, the smell will return.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal function of the water seal, experienced installers will add a section of return air pipe after the confluence of the sewage pipe and the drain pipe (by raising the method to make this section of pipe only have air), so that the water in the drain pipe Once the air pressure changes, the air in the exhaust pipe will be replenished immediately, and the water in the storage bay will not be sucked out. If there is always sufficient water in the storage bay, it will naturally not return to taste.

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