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The Choice Of Floor Drain Is Very Important


In the past few years, I have often encountered such a situation when doing semi-package repairs for some customers. It is that many customers are purchasing bathroom drainage tools—floor drains. Due to lack of professional knowledge, the purchased floor drains are either not easy to use or cannot be used.

Many customers think that the floor drain is just a simple drainage tool, so they do not spend too much thought on purchasing, and most of them just choose one.

In fact, although the floor drain only plays a simple drainage role, in later use, some problems with the floor drain often bring us a lot of trouble and pain, which greatly reduces our quality of life.

Over the years, I have also seen quite a few bathrooms that have had problems after not being renovated for a long time. I remember it was like last month. A netizen I met online for a few years sent a message to ask me, saying that her house had been renovated for less than two years. Now she walked into the bathroom and it stinks. People couldn't stand it and asked me what caused it.

I guess the main reason for my netizen's odor in the bathroom is probably because, when I was choosing the floor drain, I didn't know how to choose the floor drain, so I just bought one. Because everyone who has done renovations knows that if the floor drain is not selected properly during renovation, there will be a series of annoying and painful problems, such as back odor and inconvenient use.

If the floor drain is not selected properly, it will not only bring the pain of odor back in the bathroom but also increase the probability of water leakage accidents. If the purchased floor drain is of inferior quality and the structure is inappropriate, then in the later use process, it is very likely that the bathroom will leak.

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