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The Choice Of Bathroom Floor Drain Needs Attention


The bathroom is the soul of a house, why do you say that, because the beginning and end of each day are done in the bathroom. After leaving the warm bed in the morning, the first thing to do is to wash up. Into the wonderful dream at night, the last thing to do is to wash. Therefore, in home life, if you want to be comfortable, it is particularly important to consider the bathroom when decorating. The choice of floor drain is especially important.

In the design, the height of the basin, the rationality of the design of the basin cabinet, the height of the faucet and various humanized design details, etc. Someone once told me that the contemporary bathroom is no longer a functional area that only meets people's sanitary needs. A place to "relax your mind and relieve fatigue".

From smart toilets to Jacuzzis, from background music to artificial ambient lighting. There are countless products developed by the building materials industry to improve the comfort of the bathroom. However, these are all products that add points to the original bathroom environment. If the basic engineering of the bathroom is not done, then the trouble that will follow will make you very annoyed.

For example, the leakage of water caused by the failure of the waterproofing project, the accumulation of water caused by the non-standard slope of the ground, or the odor caused by the wrong selection of the drainage method of the floor drain. And the floor drain is a "gadget" that is very easy to be ignored by everyone in the decoration.

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