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The Anti-odor Floor Drain Should Also Be Selected In Different Regions


If the floor drain is not selected properly, the sewer may have to be dredged every day, and it is easy to return to the smell, and even mosquitoes and mice will crawl out. The choice of the floor drain is particular, and the drainage and deodorization of the floor drain are different in different areas of the home. If you want smooth drainage and no odor return, you have to choose this floor drain!

1. In the shower area, choose a deep water seal floor drain

It is best to choose a deep water seal anti-odor floor drain, also called a U-shaped core floor drain, with a 5 cm water seal, which has a good sealing effect and naturally prevents odor and insects. It has a good deodorizing performance when the water does not dry up.

The deep water seal floor drain is to store water for deodorization, and its deodorization principle is the same as that of the toilet. This type of floor drain has a high requirement for the depth of the downpipe, at least 12cm, which is suitable for the bathroom and not suitable for fast drainage such as washing machines.

However, water must be used frequently to prevent the water seal inside from drying out, so it is more suitable for installation in the wet area of the bathroom. Note that the deep water seal drains slowly, and the shower area must have a good slope.

Key points: When using floor drains in the shower area, the slope of the ground must be well drained, so that you don't have to worry about soaking your feet in the bath water.

2. For the dry area of the bathroom, choose the UFO floor drain

In the dry area of the bathroom, it is recommended to use a UFO deodorant core floor drain, also called a submarine deodorant core floor drain.

The anti-odor and anti-reflection effect is relatively good, the filter is good, the quality requirements of the inner core are relatively high, the airtightness is durable, and the cleaning is relatively simple.

It drains quickly when there is water, and closes to isolate bugs when there is no water. The floor drain core is automatically closed to prevent the sewage from the sewer pipe from entering the room.

It should be noted that there are two main types of deodorant floor drains on the market:

1. Water seal and deodorization. The anti-odor effect can only be exerted in the presence of water.

2. Submarine deodorization. The performance is better, but the price is relatively expensive.

3. For the washing machine on the balcony, choose a T-shaped flip-floor drain

The balcony washing machine needs to drain quickly, so choose a T-shaped flip floor drain. The drainage is fast and not easy to accumulate water, and it will automatically close and deodorize after the water is stopped. The T-core does not require water but is prone to get stuck in the dirt.

Instead of knocking on tiles or removing the floor drain, just replace the inner core. As for the material of the inner core of the floor drain, it is recommended to choose ABS engineering plastics and silicone materials, which are cost-effective.

Ordinary alloy copper-plated materials are prone to rust and aging, so it is not recommended. All copper and stainless steel floor drain cores are of good quality and relatively expensive. A floor drain costs more than 200 yuan, which can be selected according to the actual budget.

Key points:

1. The floor drain can be purchased at the hydropower stage, and it is usually installed together when the mud master lays the floor tiles.

2. Before buying a floor drain, determine the size of the water pipe. Commonly used are 40mm, 50mm, and 75mm. The size of floor drain can be smaller than larger.

3. Never choose a fixed floor drain, it is really troublesome to replace it.

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