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Several Common Types Of Floor Drains


When decorating, many owners will ignore the floor drain in the hardware, but when you find that the home is often flooded with water and the sewers frequently smell back, you will understand the importance of the floor drain. Today, I will briefly talk about a few common types of floor drains.

1. T-type floor drain

As the primary version of the floor drain, the principle of the T-shaped floor drain is realized by using the balance of magnetic force and gravity. However, during the use of the T-shaped floor drain, the floor drain may be blocked due to the entanglement of hair.

2. Deepwater sealing floor drain

Deep water sealing floor drain is a kind of traditional water sealing floor drain, commonly known as a U-shaped floor drain. It can achieve the effect of deodorization and insect prevention by forming a water sealing effect through its own modeling structure, but the water launching speed is slow, and it is easy to store mud and other phenomena.

3. Flap self-sealing floor drain

The working principle of the floor drain is to use the gravity of water to impact the gravity of the matching plate, open when there is water, and close when there is no water, so as to isolate the air and deodorize. Although the deodorization is good, it is extremely difficult to test the craftsmanship, the workmanship is poor, and the board is not tightly sealed, it is easy to return to the odor.

4. Silicone floor drain

Silicone floor drains are made by adding a silicone leak core to the ordinary floor drain panel to form a mode of opening with water and closing without water, which is easy to use in the renovation of old floor drains. However, silicone is easy to age and needs to be replaced regularly.

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