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Precautions For The Purchase Of Anti-odor Floor Drain


There are various kinds of sewage in the sewer pipe of the toilet. It will emit a certain odor. Many people cannot accept their smell, so they will choose the deodorant floor drain. Today, I will briefly talk about the choice of Anti-odor Floor Drain. What should be paid attention to?

1. The quality of deodorant floor drains varies. Many black-hearted merchants will use zinc alloy to imitate copper deodorant floor drains, which may cause rust after a long time. When consumers pay attention to purchasing, they should avoid falling into the trap of merchants.

2. Generally speaking, the grating surface of the deodorant floor drain can be adjusted, the height is not less than 3 or 5 cm, and the floor drain surface and the ground are placed in the same position.

3. The cross-section of the floor drain should be larger than that of the drain pipe, and the width of the cross-section should preferably be greater than 1 cm, and the drainage effect will be better.

4. The structure of water-sealed floor drains is relatively simple, the effect of drainage and deodorization is relatively poor, and the core is easy to accumulate dirt, so it is not recommended to buy such floor drains.

5. Try not to choose too many floor drains, because it will affect the drainage volume of the floor drain. It is enough to have two water inlets.

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