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Invisible Floor Drain Design Highlights


The invisible floor drain with a water trap can maintain a high water seal and effectively deodorize. The water discharge is large and fast and smooth, allowing you to enjoy the water to the fullest. Hair blocker when combing, effectively preventing clogging and easy to clean.

Design highlights: With a long open surface design, the grille can be easily opened with one hand. Like the traditional floor drain, it is also very simple to install and can be embedded in a sealed design without affecting the overall simplicity and beauty. The floor drain has an innovative comb-style hair blocker, which is easy to block dirt and hair and is easy to clean. Due to the flexible design of the water tower connection, it can be freely installed in the middle of the shower pool floor or on the side of the wall.

User experience: The long floor drain adopts a stainless steel brushed surface, which not only shows a simple yet delicate feeling but also is more sturdy and durable. Open smooth grille design, strong drainage capacity, but also can prevent the accumulation of dirt. The comb-type blocker can help you effectively block the hair, and you no longer have to worry about a series of problems caused by the blockage of the floor drain! It is worth mentioning that it can also freely adjust the length according to the actual situation of the bathroom to achieve customization.

As a manufacturer of invisible floor drains, we constantly use advanced technology to realize the spatial layout of bathroom space, and the purification, and optimization of air, water, and sound. To learn more, please refer to: Custom Floor Drain Factory