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How To Choose The Size Of Domestic Floor Drain?


It is really critical to choose a floor drain at home. Although this little thing spread on the ground is inconspicuous on weekdays, it has a series of effects such as anti-insect, anti-odor and anti-bacterial breeding, which is very important. When choosing a domestic floor drain, you need to consider the size. What is the size of the floor drain? Let's talk about it today.

The general household square floor drain size ranges from 90mm*90mm to 150mm*150mm, and the commonly used square panel is 10cm X 10cm.

1. Deep water sealing floor drain: depth 12cm-14cm (different brands have different depths), pipe diameter, a slightly thinner pipe with an inner diameter of 5cm can also be used, but at least more than 4.5cm.

2. Magnetic automatic deodorant floor drain: depth, 8cm from the tile to the elbow of the sewer pipe. The diameter of the pipe, that is, the inner diameter of 5cm, can also be a slightly thinner pipe, but it must be at least 4.5cm.

3. Ultra-thin floor drain: depth, panel thickness 1.5cm, core length of floor drain 2.5cm, overall depth of floor drain 4cm, inner diameter of pipe 4cm. Ultra-thin floor drains are generally used in old houses, because many old houses use 40 pipes, and now the sewer pipes of new houses are generally 50 pipes.

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