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How To Choose A Domestic Floor Drain?


The emergence of deodorant domestic floor drains adds some safety to the bathroom, so many people like to use deodorant floor drains. You still don't know how to choose a domestic floor drain? Let's take a look!


1. First of all, pay attention to complete sealing


The deodorant core neck, bottom, and washing machine casing will be equipped with sealing rubber rings. Under a certain water pressure, the sealing gasket at the bottom of the floor drain will automatically open for straight-through drainage. After the drainage is completed, the sealing gasket will automatically close by gravity to form It is completely sealed, and the lower part of the gasket is also equipped with a hollow floating ball to enhance the sealing effect.


2. Secondly, it is necessary to return water, and the drainage volume is large.


The displacement of 1.3 liters/second is the national standard. When the washing machine has a large displacement, it needs to not return water and not block. The editor recommends buying a floor drain with a double-layer filter. It can not only effectively block debris, but also won’t hide dirt and blockage, making it easier to clean up, and it can also drain directly.


3. When choosing a deodorant floor drain, you need to pay attention to the following points:


(1) Try to choose a floor drain with a deep-water storage curve, and the floor drain with a water seal height of 5CM has the best deodorization effect.


(2) Once the water in the water-sealed floor drain water storage bend is dry, it will not be able to deodorize, and it should be cleaned with more water when it is dry.


(3) Because the floor drain is to be pre-buried in cement, it should not be replaced. For stainless steel, choose thicker zinc to avoid rusting. PVC is easy to age and does not use. You can choose an all-copper floor drain.


(4) A special washing machine floor drain should be used to run the washing machine. The floor drain also has a rotary control, which can be turned off when not in use. Do not use a water seal that is too deep, otherwise, the water flow is too fast and it will easily overflow.


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