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How To Avoid Bathroom Floor Drain Odor?


When you take off all the shackles and come home, you definitely don't want to smell the odor of the bathroom, so the bathroom deodorization is very necessary! How to deodorize the bathroom floor drain?

The deodorization of the bathroom floor drain should start from the root cause, the best floor drain structure:

1. The floor drain plane should be 10mm lower than the bathroom floor, and the height of the floor drain water seal should be higher than 50mm.

2. In order to prevent hair and other debris from entering the floor drain, the hole diameter of the floor drain grating should be controlled at 6-8mm.

3. In order to prevent hair and debris from hanging on the floor drain, the surrounding area of ​​the floor drain should be kept moist and smooth.

Tips for getting rid of sewer odors:

1. You can go to the supermarket to buy a pipe cleaner, which is cheap and practical.

2. Pour half a cup of cooked baking soda into the sewer first, and then pour the vinegar into it. After the baking soda reacts with the acid in the vinegar, it can remove the oily substances adhering to the pipe.

3. First insert a log with a diameter close to the drain outlet into the water pipe, put an appropriate amount of water in the pool, and twitch the log quickly and continuously, so that the dirt in the pipe is washed away under the action of the water flow.

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