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Do You Know How To Install The Floor Drain?


The floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage system with the indoor ground. How to install the floor drain? Today is answered by invisible floor drain manufacturers.

1. Before installing the floor drain, props must be prepared: screwdriver, small hammer, chisel, cement, and towel, of course, the floor drain must be indispensable.

2. Especially check the drainage pipes in the lower room to see if they are blocked. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to find that the floor drain is blocked after installing it.

3. The floor drain must be complete and can be used normally; the core of the floor drain must be able to open and close normally, and the sealing must be good.

4. To clean the pipeline, first, flush the inside of the pipeline with water, then use the prepared towel to plug the opening of the pipeline tightly, and after cleaning the surrounding area, remove the cloth, taking care to ensure that no foreign matter remains inside.

5. Apply cement near the drain of the pipe, and then apply enough cement on the back of the floor drain, so as to ensure that the floor drain and the drain are tightly combined.

6. The last step is to apply enough glass glue near the mouth of the drain pipe, and put the floor drain sleeve into the drain pipe. After installation, don't forget to clean up the garbage near the floor drain.

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