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Comprehensive Consideration Is Very Important When Choosing A Floor Drain


As we all know, the floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage system and the indoor floor. Its performance will generally directly affect the living room floor environment and air quality. Therefore, the process of purchasing is very important. Drainage speed, anti-odor function, and anti-blocking should be considered comprehensively. It depends on the function and where it is actually used. For example, the washing machine has a large drainage force, so priority should be given to the drainage speed when choosing a direct-drain non-water-sealed floor drain. For places where water is not frequently used, such as kitchens and balconies, you can choose a non-water-sealed floor drain. The most troublesome thing is actually the floor drain in the shower area. buy. Today I will tell you how to choose the floor drain in the shower area.

First of all, we need to understand what a water-sealed floor drain is. In principle, a water-sealed floor drain is a floor drain that seals the smell with water through a trap. The water seal of the traditional water seal floor drain is very shallow, and the water in the trap is easily evaporated, so the bad smell in the toilet drain pipe will come out. This kind of floor drain is cheaper but not recommended for use in showers. The improved deep water seal floor drain is more suitable for showers.

The performance of the floor drain is mainly determined by the floor drain core, and now many floor drain cores have improved performance through technology. A is the "eccentric" water-sealed floor drain core, which uses the principle of gravity eccentricity to seal, easy to take out and easy to clean. B is called a semi-open floor drain core. Its internal structure is similar to a small tube in a large tube. The inner core can be taken out and cleaned very conveniently. It not only drains water smoothly, but also solves the problem of hair accumulation and blockage.

C is actually similar to the eccentric water-sealed floor drain core, but the difference is that it adds a small cover plate at the water outlet, which can effectively prevent water from returning. D This kind of floor drain core is often used in the transformation of traditional shallow water-sealed floor drains, as long as it is inserted into the floor drain without removing the original floor drain, avoiding the risk of prying open the tiles.

The above built-in floor drain cores can use a small amount of water to achieve the effect of deep water sealing, so as to prevent the water seal from being too deep to hide dirt and dirt in the floor drain core and become a new source of pollution. Moreover, the siphon principle is used for drainage, which is relatively smooth. It not only meets the requirements of smooth drainage and foam discharge in the shower, but also facilitates cleaning of clogged hairs, and is better than traditional floor drains in terms of deodorization.

The choice of floor drain is important, but more important is the maintenance of the floor drain. Otherwise, it will be useless to use the best floor drain if the two ends are blocked every three days.

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