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Causes And Solutions Of Bathroom Floor Drain Blockage


Floor drains are frequently used, so the frequency of clogging is quite high. If your bathroom floor drain is often clogged, we must find corresponding solutions for different situations. If it is a slight blockage, you can use it yourself If you can't solve it by yourself, you should ask a professional maintenance master.

Causes of clogged bathroom floor drains

1. Debris: The clogging of the household floor drain is mainly due to the use of some residues and garbage to block the hollow, resulting in the inability to remove the sewage. The kitchen floor drain is blocked because the residue in the kitchen sink is not clear and clean when washing vegetables and dishes. In most cases, the bathroom floor drain is blocked by hair, so in daily life, the sundries on the floor drain surface must be removed.

2. Building materials: If the floor drain cover is not lost, and it is usually covered on the floor drain opening, it may be that building materials fell into the pipe when the house was built before, and it was not cleaned up in time, resulting in blockage.

3. Main pipeline: The main drainage pipeline of the external wall connected to the floor drain is blocked, which prevents the water from your home from draining out. You need to ask the neighbors upstairs and downstairs if they have similarly blocked floor drains. If there is any blockage, it means that there is a problem with the main pipe outside.

What to do if the bathroom floor drain is blocked

1. Soda water dredging: first pour half a cup of cooked soda powder into the sewer, and then pour half a cup of vinegar. After the soda reacts with the acid in the vinegar, the sticky grease in the pipe can be removed.

2. Log dredging: First insert a log with a diameter close to the drain into the water pipe, put a certain amount of water in the pool, and move the log up and down quickly without interruption. Under the action of suction and pressure, the pipe and The dirt in it will be washed away.

3. Caustic soda dredging: If the sewer pipe is blocked, you can buy a few pieces of caustic soda from the market, put them in the sewer pipe, and then pour some hot water. When caustic soda encounters hot water, caustic soda undergoes a chemical change when it encounters hot water, and the temperature rises rapidly, and the grease in the pipeline melts and is discharged along the water, thus solving the problem of sewer blockage.

4. Dredging agent: There are "pipelines" sold in supermarkets, which are specially designed to clean up this type of pipe blockage. Pour in an appropriate amount according to the degree of blockage. Pay attention to the instructions before buying, because some types of pipettes are aimed at metal pipes, and plastic ones are used to cleaning them. The ____ does not work.

5. Biological dredging: Put a small yellow weevil into the sewer pipe, then add some irritating things such as washing powder or salt, cover the lid, and dredge the pipe through the biological characteristics of the yellow weevil.

6. Air pump to unclog: When the sewer of the floor drain is blocked, you can insert the rubber hose of the air pump into the sewer, then put a small amount of clean water, and pump air in continuously, and the pipe can be dredged.

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